As luxury Italian wedding venues go, Grand Hotel Cocumella is one of the best. Our experience as Grand Hotel Columella wedding photographers was amazing from start to finish.

An attentive team, private pool and gardens that lead to the sea made for so many photo opportunities. 
The Grand Hotel Cocumella is the ideal location for your wedding. During summer, the picturesque sunset on the terrace overlooking the sea, will be a romantic setting for the most memorable day of your life.

For Italian wedding photographers, such a beautiful and unique venue makes our job so easy. The 17th century Cloister and elegant reception spaces give different options for a pre-wedding dinner party, cocktails or wedding. There is even enough space to accommodate a wedding for up to 270 people. 

Weddings in Italy are especially full of emotion and countless picturesque places and sceneries.  

Grand Hotel Cocumella weddings are always elegant and unique, especially as the oldest hotel in Sorrento. Grand Hotel Cocumella has charm and history by the spade! If you're looking for a luxurious yet typical Italian wedding venue, Grand Hotel Cocumella is an ideal location. Sorrento has an unforgettable atmosphere and many places to create natural wedding photographs. Walking through the streets or around the gardens at Grand Hotel Cocumella, there are so many opportunities. 

Being wedding photographers in Italy is always a joyful experience. This 5 star venue in Sorrento on the Coast of the Mermaids is one of our favourite places to photograph in Sorrento. 
If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Sorrento, please get in touch. 

Cotattaci - vi aspettiamo! 

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Many couples from the UK, the USA, and Australia choose the stunning region of France for their wedding. If you are among them, then having an English speaking wedding photographer in France is very important. 

To be able to express what you want from your wedding photographer before, during and after your wedding day is key. Wedding photographs, are one of the few lasting elements after your wedding day. It's vital that your wedding photographer can understand your vision and communicate clearly to you on your wedding day. 

English Speaking Wedding Photographers in Sorrento, Italy.




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