Being a wedding photographer in Sicily is like a dream! The contrast of the rolling hills and the stunning beaches and iconic cities and towns like Palermo, Syracyse, Catania, Taormina & Messina make it such a romantic place. The breathtaking scenery and bustling towns attract many couples who wish to marry here each year and we can see why!

Wedding Photographer In Sicily

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Being a wedding photographer in Sicily will take you to many beautiful places around the Island. 

The ability to capture the bustling atmosphere that only Sicily can offer is an amazing privilege as Sicily Wedding Photographer. 

We absolutely love outdoor weddings! The gardens of the villas in Sicily are often filled with lemon trees and orange trees, our favourites! All of these elements really capture the essence of this wonderful Italian region and make the Sicily wedding experience unique.

An Adventure in Sicily!

Wherever we are in the world, our approach is the same. We always strive to be unobtrusive, warm and professional. 
Our approach to wedding photography in Sicily carries this same hallmark. 

Throughout most wedding days, we photograph natural, candid moments between our couples and their guests. These are always our favourite moments. Such moments are even at better Sicilian weddings with that warm light and ambience that is synonymous with Sicily.

Our ability to photograph in a reportage style is what attracts many of our clients to commission us for their wedding. Our couples love natural, documentary, reportage wedding photography that we can create through our photographs. We always aim to capture the smallest of details and moments. 

For us, being able to capture an embrace between the mother of the bride and her daughter, or the bursts of laughter between guests during the speeches is what we love most. Of course, we also love creating unique and dramatic wedding portraits too. We are very versatile and work together seamlessly to make epic portraits. We use can use natural or studio lighting to give our photography an editorial and professional look.  Please look through some of our galleries and blog for examples.

Our creative and unique approach 

Many couples from the UK, the USA, and Australia choose the stunning region of Sicily for their wedding. If you are among them, then having an English speaking wedding photographer in Sicil y is very important. 

To be able to express what you want from your wedding photographer before, during and after your wedding day is key. Wedding photographs, are one of the few lasting elements after your wedding day. It's vital that your wedding photographer can understand your vision and communicate clearly to you on your wedding day. 

English Speaking Wedding Photographers in Italy

Every time we visit, we discover more exciting and idyllic places to take wedding photographs in Sicily. 

Colourful doorways down hidden side streets, beautiful vineyards up in the hills, grand castles and majestic Italian villas.  There are so many creative opportunities for photographs. 

If you are looking for a Sicily wedding Photographer, please do get in touch with us via our contact form.

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