wedding album

The wedding album documents & preserves the most important day of your life. In our eyes having a wedding album is an absolute MUST because it is THE best way to relive your most meaningful memories and share them with future generations.

 There is something magical about the printed image that truly evokes heartfelt emotions, helps you to cherish your favourite memories forever. You can sit with your loved ones, turn the pages, and travel back in time to when you both decided said "I do". 

As a photographer, collating and designing the wedding album is the beautiful conclusion of the creative process. I aim to design an album that will really tell the story of your day in a magical way. 

When it comes to wedding albums; high-quality printing, amazing craftsmanship, intricate details, and quality materials matter the most to me. My albums feature beautifully cover materials customised embossed finishing, or motifs,
hand-made and sourced from New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me to discuss any questions. 
I will wholeheartedly help you to create the most gorgeous
and timeless heirloom for generations to come.


Beautifully crafted covers in a stunning range of materials finished with customised embossing, a motif or an image. 
Inside the album, you will find Silver -Halide prints which recreate natural skin tones, deep blacks and brilliant whites. With great longevity, due to the dye being embedded within the paper itself these prints have an archival quality. 

Your album includes the following:

• Custom design, and approval process
• Handmade album by Queensberry New Zealand
• Charming cover materials and customisation options
• 30 pages* (can be upgraded)
• Archival quality printing




Hand crafted albums using high quality fine art paper featuring a beautifully crafted cover in a range of materials and custom embossing. Fine art paper gives a perfect matte finish that is soft to the touch. 

Your album includes the following:

• Custom design, and approval process
• Handmade album by Folio albums, United Kingdom
• Elegant cover materials and customisation options
• 30 pages (can be upgraded)
• Fine Art Paper



How many pages will you need in your album?
This largely depends on the amount of images you choose to tell your wedding story. If you choose for us to curate your wedding story we can either work to an estimated page count or you can cap the number of pages in our design to suit your requirements.

30 pages - Approx  (65 to 75 images)
40 PAGES - APPROX  (up to 90 images)
50 PAGES - APPROX (up to 120 images)
60 PAGES - APPROX (up to 150 images) 
70 PAGES - APPROX (up to 175 images)
80 PAGES - APPROX (up to 200 images)



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