On a sunny winter’s day, we headed north to the wonderful city of Liverpool, Laura’s hometown, for the 30 James Street wedding of Vici and Kevin. Meeting through mutual friends brought these two to their wedding day several years later at St. Nicholas’ following drinking, dining and dancing at 30 James Street. The day was filled with fun, laughter and there was a strong sense that most important thing to Vici & Kev is family, which is always lovely to see.

Wedding Preparations at 30 James Street Hotel

Our beautiful bride was getting ready with her best girls and mum in one of the suites at 30 James Street. It was all systems go! Hair was being done at one end of the room and make-up at the other, Mum was sat in bed having a cup of tea and the girls were enjoying a bottle of champers.

The bridesmaids’ dresses had been handmade by one of Vici’s mum’s friends who teaches textiles, we think she could definitely go into dress making! They were stunning and matched the maid of honour, Sam’s, dress in style and cut but with enough difference to make Sam, Vici’s sister, stand out. The dresses had a palette of soft pinks and blush shades which were complimented by the pretty flowers by Foam Flowers Liverpool.

Soon, we both ventured across to see the dashing groom and his ushers and best man at the church. However, not before Vici’s dad came to see his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Although there were a few tears, we couldn’t tell as Vici’s dad whipped out a pair of Ray Ban shades to hide them! Way to keep looking cool while you have a little cry!

The boys over at the church were looking ultra sharp in their tuxedo dinner suits, welcoming guests and hanging by the church doors for the arrival of the girls, Vici’s grandad, mum, dad and of course, the bride! Once the Bahama-blue VW camper van, from Campers & Cakes, made its final journey across to St Nic’s, it was time for the ceremony to begin!

We love the opportunities for natural, documentary photographs during the wedding ceremony. Both of us keep any movement to a minimum; unless there’s a balcony for us to use and Laura has to sneak up a flight or two of stairs! Being respectful of the environment we are in but still striving to create beautiful wedding photographs of the ceremony is always going to be a priority, after all, it’s most important part of the day and what a couple’s guests are gathered to witness and celebrate!

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

The new Mr & Mrs made everything official by signing the marriage register whilst everyone enjoyed the amazing a Capella band! They sounded so good, especially with the acoustics of the building. Then, Vici & Kev exited as man and wife followed by all of their guests into the crisp, winter air outside. After lots of hugging, kissing and doing that “I-haven’t-seen-you-for-ages” squeeze with a few long-distance friends, we took a few family photographs and one photograph of everyone together before all of the guests made their way along The Strand to 30 James Street. We kept Vici & Kevin for a little longer before they too joined their guests at the top bar of the iconic, home of the Titanic, hotel.

A Rooftop Champagne Reception

The champagne and canapés were circulating and the atmosphere was perfect. 30 James Street has a unique view across the Albert Dock and thankfully, the weather held out for lots of guests to enjoy the roof terrace. Our couple had chosen to have a long drinks reception before sitting down for the wedding breakfast, this meant they spent lots of time with their guests and each other. The main room that the wedding breakfast was held looked stunning and shortly, the guests filtered in to take their seats and the speeches began.

A Word from the Bride’s Grandfather

The speeches are always cause a mixture of emotions but one of our most memorable speeches came from Vici’s grandad. With a little whiskey in front of him to calm his nerves, glasses on and Sam holding his notes, he said some truly lovely things about his granddaughter and her new husband. Sadly, his dear wife had passed away but he very bravely read a poem she had written and everyone was so moved by his ability to deliver his speech so faultlessly and with such feeling. He’d followed Vici’s dad and then preceded Kevin and his best man.

Once the speeches were over, it was time for the wedding breakfast!

The evening brought more great music from the Funtime Frankies, who had everyone on their feet, dancing the night away before we said our goodbyes.

We had loved all of Vici & Kevin’s Liverpool wedding photos surrounded by such warm, lovely people. Always a real perk of the job!

Thank you so much for choosing us to photograph your 30 James Street wedding. Please enjoy some of our favourite photos below!

b&w photo of liverpool landscape bride having makeup done on wedding morning bridesmaid putting earrings in bridesmaids on morning of wedding bridesmaids having makeup done in gold mirror bridal makeup at 30 james street bridesmaid smiling with glass of champagne bride makeup spray set bride in floral dressing gown with champagne in 30 james st bedrooms bridal makeup with shimmery eye bridesmaid laughin mother of the bride putting necklace on mother of bride puts necklace on the bride mother puts diamond necklace on bride and mother jewellery putting diamond bracelet on bride on the phone in hotel room 30-james-st-wedding-photography-18 30-james-st-wedding-photography-19 30-james-st-wedding-photography-20 30-james-st-wedding-photography-21 bridemaids in floral gowns laughing with the bride bridesmaids and bride in dressing gowns bride and mum 30-james-st-wedding-photography-25 30-james-st-wedding-photography-26 bride putting wedding dress on at 30 james st bride putting wedding dress on at 30 james street bride putting wedding dress on at 30 james st bridesmaid helping the bride into wedding dress doing buttons in nice light bride excited in her wedding dress 30-james-st-wedding-photography-32 30-james-st-wedding-photography-33 father of the bride sees his daughter for the first time on the wedding day father of bride wearing sunglasses because he is emotional brides parents emotional 30-james-st-wedding-photography-37 30-james-st-wedding-photography-38 30-james-st-wedding-photography-39 30-james-st-wedding-photography-40 30-james-st-wedding-photography-41 Our Lady Saint Nicholas Church liverpool wedding photos 30-james-st-wedding-photography-43 30-james-st-wedding-photography-44 30-james-st-wedding-photography-45 30-james-st-wedding-photography-46 30-james-st-wedding-photography-47 30-james-st-wedding-photography-48 30-james-st-wedding-photography-49 30-james-st-wedding-photography-50 30-james-st-wedding-photography-51 30-james-st-wedding-photography-52 30-james-st-wedding-photography-53 30-james-st-wedding-photography-54 30-james-st-wedding-photography-55 30-james-st-wedding-photography-56 30-james-st-wedding-photography-57 30-james-st-wedding-photography-58 30-james-st-wedding-photography-59 30-james-st-wedding-photography-60 Our Lady Saint Nicholas Church liverpool wedding photographer 30-james-st-wedding-photography-62 30-james-st-wedding-photography-63 30-james-st-wedding-photography-64 30-james-st-wedding-photography-65 30-james-st-wedding-photography-66 30-james-st-wedding-photography-67 Our Lady Saint Nicholas Church liverpool wedding photography liver building 30-james-st-wedding-photography-69 30-james-st-wedding-photography-70 30-james-st-wedding-photography-71 Our Lady Saint Nicholas Church liverpool wedding photography 30-james-st-wedding-photography-73 30-james-st-wedding-photography-74 30-james-st-wedding-photography-75 30-james-st-wedding-photography-76 30-james-st-wedding-photography-77 30-james-st-wedding-photography-78 30-james-st-wedding-photography-79 30-james-st-wedding-photography-80 30-james-st-wedding-photography-81 reportage wedding photo of grandad kissing the bride 30-james-st-wedding-photography-83 30-james-st-wedding-photography-84 30-james-st-wedding-photography-85 wedding guests congratulating the happy couple 30-james-st-wedding-photography-87 30-james-st-wedding-photography-88 bride hugs a wedding guest 30-james-st-wedding-photography-90 30-james-st-wedding-photography-91 30-james-st-wedding-photography-92 30-james-st-wedding-photography-93 30-james-st-wedding-photography-94 30-james-st-wedding-photography-95 30-james-st-wedding-photography-96 30-james-st-wedding-photography-97 30-james-st-wedding-photography-98 30-james-st-wedding-photography-99 30-james-st-wedding-photography-100 30-james-st-wedding-photography-101 30-james-st-wedding-photography-102 30-james-st-wedding-photography-103 30-james-st-wedding-photography-104 30-james-st-wedding-photography-105 30-james-st-wedding-photography-106 30-james-st-wedding-photography-107 30-james-st-wedding-photography-108 30-james-st-wedding-photography-109 30-james-st-wedding-photography-110 30-james-st-wedding-photography-111 30-james-st-wedding-photography-112 30-james-st-wedding-photography-113 30-james-st-wedding-photography-114 30-james-st-wedding-photography-115 30-james-st-wedding-photography-116 30-james-st-wedding-photography-117 30-james-st-wedding-photography-118 30-james-st-wedding-photography-119 30-james-st-wedding-photography-120 30-james-st-wedding-photography-121 30-james-st-wedding-photography-122 30-james-st-wedding-photography-123 30-james-st-wedding-photography-124 30-james-st-wedding-photography-125 30-james-st-wedding-photography-126 30-james-st-wedding-photography-127 30-james-st-wedding-photography-128 30-james-st-wedding-photography-129 30-james-st-wedding-photography-130 30-james-st-wedding-photography-131 30-james-st-wedding-photography-132 30-james-st-wedding-photography-133 30-james-st-wedding-photography-134 30-james-st-wedding-photography-135 30-james-st-wedding-photography-136 30-james-st-wedding-photography-137 30-james-st-wedding-photography-138 30-james-st-wedding-photography-139 30 james street wedding photographer 30-james-st-wedding-photography-141 bride and groom on the roof at 30 james hotel wedding 30 james street wedding photography 30-james-st-wedding-photography-144 30-james-st-wedding-photography-145 30-james-st-wedding-photography-146 30-james-st-wedding-photography-147 30-james-st-wedding-photography-148 30-james-st-wedding-photography-149 30-james-st-wedding-photography-150 30-james-st-wedding-photography-151 30-james-st-wedding-photography-152 30-james-st-wedding-photography-153 30-james-st-wedding-photography-154 30-james-st-wedding-photography-155 30-james-st-wedding-photography-156 30-james-st-wedding-photography-157 30-james-st-wedding-photography-158 30-james-st-wedding-photography-159 30-james-st-wedding-photography-160 wedding breakfast at 30 james street with love sign from the word is love 30-james-st-wedding-photography-162 30-james-st-wedding-photography-163 wedding breakfast at 30 james st bride walking down the staircase at 30 james street wedding photography 30-james-st-wedding-photography-166 30-james-st-wedding-photography-167 30-james-st-wedding-photography-168 30-james-st-wedding-photography-169 30-james-st-wedding-photography-170 30-james-st-wedding-photography-171 30-james-st-wedding-photography-172 30-james-st-wedding-photography-173 30-james-st-wedding-photography-174 father of the bride speech in liverpool 30-james-st-wedding-photography-176 natural wedding photos 30-james-st-wedding-photography-178 30-james-st-wedding-photography-179 30-james-st-wedding-photography-180 30-james-st-wedding-photography-181 30-james-st-wedding-photography-182 wedding guests applauding 30-james-st-wedding-photography-184 an emotional speech 30-james-st-wedding-photography-186 30-james-st-wedding-photography-187 30-james-st-wedding-photography-188 30-james-st-wedding-photography-189 30-james-st-wedding-photography-190 30-james-st-wedding-photography-191 30-james-st-wedding-photography-192 30-james-st-wedding-photography-193 30-james-st-wedding-photography-194 30-james-st-wedding-photography-195 30-james-st-wedding-photography-196 30-james-st-wedding-photography-197 30-james-st-wedding-photography-198 the best man speech the best man wedding speech at 30 james street hotel titanic 30-james-st-wedding-photography-201 30-james-st-wedding-photography-202 30-james-st-wedding-photography-203 30-james-st-wedding-photography-204 30-james-st-wedding-photography-205 30-james-st-wedding-photography-206 30-james-st-wedding-photography-207 30-james-st-wedding-photography-208 30-james-st-wedding-photography-209 30-james-st-wedding-photography-210 30-james-st-wedding-photography-211 30-james-st-wedding-photography-212 30-james-st-wedding-photography-213 30-james-st-wedding-photography-214 30-james-st-wedding-photography-215 30-james-st-wedding-photography-216 30-james-st-wedding-photography-217 30-james-st-wedding-photography-218 30-james-st-wedding-photography-219 30-james-st-wedding-photography-220 30-james-st-wedding-photography-221 30-james-st-wedding-photography-222 30-james-st-wedding-photography-223 30-james-st-wedding-photography-224 30-james-st-wedding-photography-225 30-james-st-wedding-photography-226 30-james-st-wedding-photography-227 30-james-st-wedding-photography-228 30-james-st-wedding-photography-229 30-james-st-wedding-photography-230 30-james-st-wedding-photography-231 30-james-st-wedding-photography-232 30-james-st-wedding-photography-233 30-james-st-wedding-photography-234 30-james-st-wedding-photography-235 30-james-st-wedding-photography-236 30-james-st-wedding-photography-237 30-james-st-wedding-photography-238

30 james street wedding photography

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