Becky & Dave

Last month, we had the great privilege of photographing Becky & Dave’s autumn wedding at Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire.

It was the most perfect setting for an autumn wedding, the colours were changing on the trees surrounding the lake and the crisp air outside made the open fire in the gothic drawing room extra welcoming!

Becky, her parents and sister arrived along with the bridesmaids to get ready at the castle just a little while after we had arrived. We took the time beforehand to take some photographs of the castle and choose some areas for photographs later on. Once the ladies had settled in, we headed upstairs to the bridal suite where hair and make-up was well underway and the champagne had been opened!

Becky’s stunning ‘Eldin’ dress, from Watters bridal went perfectly with her iridescent Christian Louboutins. Very gorgeous! Before it was time to put this dreamy dress on, all of the girls were having finishing touches to hair and make-up. Also, Becky’s sister (and maid of honour) was testing out their adorable page boy to make sure he didn’t give the rings to anyone! Tobiah headed across the landing to catch up with Dave and his groomsmen who were filling up their hip flasks and enjoying a bottle of something “that had been saved for a special occasion”. Well, I think today certainly ticked that box! As they journeyed down the grand staircase, there was just time to take a couple of portraits before the boys left for Eastnor church. Meanwhile, it was time to get ready for Becky & her bridesmaids. The bridesmaids wore very seasonal and beautifully cut, deep purple dresses from Reiss which looked so beautiful. Naturally, Becky looked unbelievable and there were lots of happy tears when it was time for her along with her lovely parents and girls to make their way to Eastnor church for the ceremony.

Located just at the end of the driveway of Eastnor Castle, Eastnor church is in a great location so we certainly didn’t have far to go! Tobiah was already there with the groom and the guests as Laura arrived just ahead of the bride and her extremely proud dad.

The ceremony was divine and had many lovely elements including readings from family and friends. Once Becky & Dave had tied the knot, they exited the church to a shower of confetti before heading back to Eastnor Castle.

Thankfully, although a little chilly, the weather was dry and so everybody could enjoy the champagne and canapés at the back of the castle overlooking the gardens and further in the distance, the Herefordshire countryside. We stole Becky & Dave for a few portraits after a while and then wandered down to the lawn for some family photographs. Soon enough, the dinner gong rang out and it was time for everyone to venture into the Great Hall for dinner. This space at Eastnor Castle is certainly one of the most amazing and special places to hold a wedding breakfast. We love it! After dinner, speeches included tears, laughter and the groom delivering his entire speech stood on a chair! Everyone did an amazing job and just after the cake was cut it was time for all of the guests to get their groove on in the Octagonal Room for the evening reception.

Before the inflatable instruments and microphones made an appearance, Dave and Becky had their first dance together followed by Becky and her dad sharing an emotional dance together too. We said goodbyes to our newlyweds amongst a packed dance floor and with everyone around us, including ourselves, having had the most magical day. Thank you so much to Becky & Dave for choosing us to be your Eastnor Castle wedding photographers. We loved every minute.

a photo across the lake at eastnor castle eastnor castle across the water wedding venue shot castle wedding photos the wedding dress hanging up at eastnor castle louboutin wedding shoes the wedding rings flowers wedding bouquet
eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-9 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-10 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-11 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-12 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-13 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-14 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-15 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-16 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-17 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-18 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-19 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-20 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-21 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-22 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-23 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-24 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-25 the groom putting braces on eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-27 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-28 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-29 the groomsmen doing a champagne toast eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-31 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-32 groom getting ready in a tuxedo in the mirror eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-34 whisky remy martin hip flask eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-38 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-39 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-40 the bride holding a glass of champagne eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-42 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-43 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-44 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-45 a portrait of the groom at an eastnor castle wedding eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-47 photo of the groom outside the castle eastnor castle wedding photography of the groomsmen walking and laughing eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-50 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-51 the ring bearer mother of the bride getting hair done the bride and bridesmaids in their gowns eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-55 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-56 bride getting wedding dress on eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-58 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-59 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-60 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-61 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-62 car leaving for eastnor church eastnor church near the castle in ledbury wedding photography eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-65 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-66 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-67 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-68 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-69 bridesmaids in their purple reiss dresses eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-71 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-72 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-73 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-74 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-75 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-76 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-77 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-78 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-79 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-80 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-81 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-82 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-83 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-84 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-85 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-86 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-87 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eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-114 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-115 confetti being thrown a wedding guest throws confetti reportage wedding photography at eastnor castle eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-119 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-120 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-121 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-122 a photograph of eastnor castle across the lake eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-124 natural wedding photo of guests eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-126 a guest looks at the brides wedding ring at eastnor castle eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-128 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-129 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-130 documentary photo of guest enjoying the day eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-132 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-133 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-134 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-135 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-136 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-137 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-138 the bride 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eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-190 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-191 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-192 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-193 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-194 mother of the groom laughing in the wedding speeches speeches toast eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-197 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-198 wedding cake the bride and groom destroy the wedding cake cutting it with a sword first dance great first dance photos spinning first dance eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-204 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-205 funny dancing photos at a wedding father and daughter dancing father and daughter dance together reportage wedding photography eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-210 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-211 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-212 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-213 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-214 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-215 eastnor-castle-wedding-photography-216

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