When we met up with Christine and Andrew the Monday before their Capesthorne Hall wedding, it was the first time we’d met face to face. Emails and Skype meetings in the months before had been our favoured way of keeping in touch as they live over 9000 miles away in Perth, Australia! Despite only arriving in the UK two days before we met them at their wedding venue (and having respective stag/hen do festivities in-between!) they were super excited for their wedding which was only a few days away.

Thankfully they had brought some of the Australian sunshine with them over to the UK! It was a glorious day when we arrived bright and early at Mottram Hall on the Saturday morning of the wedding to capture Andrew and the guys getting ready. Naturally, the boys got ready pretty quickly in comparison to the ladies so after about 30 minutes of pictures and reacquainting ourselves with the brother in law of one of our past couples; which is always lovely, we headed off to meet up with the bride at her parents’ home. It was a hive of activity (I think secretly Andy, Christine’s dad, was happy Tobiah had arrived to even out the numbers a little!) the four bridesmaids, Christine’s mum, the hair stylist and make-up artist were all busy getting ready and adding finishing touches.

Andy had collected the coolest vintage wedding car that morning, a powder blue 1962 Austin Healy convertible. Richard, Andrew’s dad, chauffeured the bridesmaids to the church and Christine and her dad arrived in style in the Austin!

We had travelled ahead to the church to capture the ladies arriving and most importantly, the bride to be!

After a beautiful ceremony, with readings from those closest to the couple, and a couple of shots we set up inside the church, the newlyweds guests were armed and ready to greet them at the steps of the lichgate with handfuls of confetti.

The bride and groom had asked us to lead the way from the church to the reception venue so we could stop off on the way to take a few shots down some of the country lanes nearby Capesthorne Hall. We picked out a little lane with pretty tress and plenty of shade for some bride and groom portraits.

When we arrived at Capesthorne, the guests were ready with champagne in hand to greet the new Mr & Mrs. Everybody then enjoyed the canapés, drinks and lawn games at the back of the house.

After a little while, we took a few family portraits before stealing Andrew and Christine away for some more portraits in the Bluebell Wood. All of the guests had been seated in the Queen Anne room ready for them to make their entrance and for the wedding breakfast to start.

A huge thank you to Vanilla In Allseasons (and our lovely bride and groom too) for the delicious food we enjoyed. A definite perk of the job!

After dinner the speeches followed and once Andrew & Christine had cut their awesome wedding cake (one of our all time favourite designs) in the Saloon, guests left the grandeur of the hall to enjoy the modern side of Capesthorne in the Garden Room and Lakeside Marquee for the evening reception.

As we said our goodbyes on a packed out dance floor, we left with smiles on our faces and had loved every bit of what was a perfect day.

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