East Riddlesden Hall Wedding Photography – Naomi & Ben

This is the wonderful East Riddlesden Hall wedding of Naomi & Ben who got married in September. Although it rained so much on their day, it certainly didn’t dampen their spirits!

We arrived in the morning to a bustling house filled with beautiful bridesmaids, kitty cats and lots of pastries – a winning combination! After all of the ladies had their hair perfected by the lovely Amy of Tag Upstyles & Pin-up School and make-up expertly done, it was time to get into those dresses! We loved the mixture of styles Naomi had chosen for her bridesmaids. Three in a soft, moss green and three in a romantic, watercolour print. Naomi’s elegant wedding dress was a real show-stopper, the ‘Angelica’ dress by Eliza Jane Howell.  Covered in beading (and pretty heavy) the simple cut of this gown but intricate design was breathtaking.

Before long, the vintage cars had arrived to take everyone to the church for the ceremony and unfortunately, this is when the rain showed up too!

Our dashing groom was waiting at the steps of the church with his groomsmen and brothers. Dutifully stood with their umbrellas welcoming guests and awaiting the arrival of the bride. As the cars rolled up and Naomi and her dad were ushered in from the rain, the lovely buzz of excitement came over the congregation as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

With readings, singing and “I do”s over it was time to head to the venue! It was our first time at East Riddlesden Hall but certainly hope to be there many more times in the future. The unique space of the barn and grandeur of the hall work so well together! The styling at this wedding was definitely up there with our absolute favourites. Copper accents, terrariums, succulents, actual trees (inside!), ferns and Edison lightbulbs hanging from across the room made for the coolest setting.

Drinks and canapés were enjoyed before we stole the bridal party and the new Mr & Mrs for some photographs. The rain was still pouring but, thankfully, the outbuildings of East Riddlesden provide some cool backdrops and needed shelter in such circumstances!

Once the guests were seated for dinner, the wedding breakfast was served and the speeches followed. We love capturing the mixture of reactions from the bride, groom and their family and friends during the speeches. Especially that “I may slightly regret picking you to be Best Man…” glance the groom gives at certain points! Although, Ben got off pretty lightly with both his brother’s and friend’s speech too.

The now dusky skies were finally clear and before their evening guests arrived, we took a stroll with Ben & Naomi for a few more portraits before their evening party began. It was then time to say our goodbyes and make our way back down to Cheshire.

We had such amazing time photographing their East Riddlesden Hall wedding. Thank you for having us along!

Venue – East Riddlesden Hall

Dress – Eliza Jane Howell from  Dotty Taylor Bridal

Shoes – Schutz 

Flowers – Forage & Blossom

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Jenny Yoo Collection

Venue Styling – Simply Vintage Event Styling

vintage wedding dress in apple tree dotty taylor bridal rustic wedding bouquet peach wedding shoes against black background photo of a cat on morning of wedding preparations flowers being delivered bridesmaid in floral dressing gown natural photo of bridesmaid bridesmaids laughing on wedding day east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-9 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-10 creative wedding photo of groom getting ready reflection in window groom doing tie east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-13 groom laughing in preparations groom puts pocket square into his blue wedding suit east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-16 portrait of the groom before the wedding east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-18 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-19 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-20 natural portrait of the groom the groom and groomsmen editorial style east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-23 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-24 reportage wedding photo of bride hugging mum east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-26 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-27 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-28 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-29 bride getting into her vintage wedding dress east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-31 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-32 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-33 friends laughing outside church east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-35 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-36 priest outside church east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-38 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-39 bride arrives at church east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-41 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-42 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-43 Jenny Yoo Collection bridesmaids bride walks down aisle east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-46 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-47 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-48 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-49 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-50 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-51 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-52 the first kiss east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-54 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-55 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-56 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-57 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-58 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-59 east riddlesden hall east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-61 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-62 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-63 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-64 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-65 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-66 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-67 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-68 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-69 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-70 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-71 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-72 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-73 wedding photos in a barn Jenny Yoo Collection bridesmaids dresses east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-76 Jenny Yoo Collection bridesmaids dresses east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-78 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-79 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-80 sapphire engagement ring and vintage wedding fress alternative bridal portrait east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-83 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-84 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-85 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-86 bride and groom portrait in a barn east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-88 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-89 wedding photos in a barn east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-91 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-92 east riddlesden hall wedding photos in a barn east riddelsden hall wedding photo of barn east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-95 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-96 selfie station east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-98 rustic wedding cake table plan east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-101 reportage wedding photos east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-103 the wedding breakfast laughter toasts smiling guests east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-108 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-109 happy wedding guests grandma with pearls kid running in the rain at wedding guests on golf cart at east riddelsden hall east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-114 father of the bride speech wedding speeches east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-117 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-118 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-119 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-120 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-121 toasts champagne glass grooms wedding speech east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-124 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-125 emotional bride bride in speeches east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-128 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-129 speeches at east riddlesden hall mother of the groom east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-132 applause from head table applause of speeches east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-135 best man speech funny reactions to best mans speech wedding toast at east riddelsden hall east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-139 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-140 relaxed wedding portrait blue hour east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-142 blue hour wedding photos blue hour wedding photo outside east riddelsden hall blue hour wedding photo outside east riddlesden hall first dance in wedding barn bride and groom dancing east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-148 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-149 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-150 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-151 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-152 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-153 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-154 east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-155 drag shutter wedding photo slow exposure dancing wedding east-riddlesden-hall-wedding-photography-158 bride dancing bride with floral headdress in first dance

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