They say to marry your best friend and it was clear to see that this was so true for Grace & Chris. From start to finish, this day was filled with laughter as you will see from their photos. This wedding had it all : Stunning florals from Linden Lea, a beautiful dress from Shade Bridal Boutique, and THAT evening dress from Nadine Merabi! Not to mention the most hilarious Champagne spray photos I have ever taken!

Preparations: The Bridal Suite and The Library

The day began with Grace and Chris getting ready at Iscoyd, Grace in the bridal suite and Chris in the library. The bridal suite is such a perfect room filled with natural light, perfect for Grace and her bridesmaids to get ready. Chris surprised Grace with a beautiful Tiffany bracelet. The morning was relaxed and fun, as was the whole day. Once Grace was in her stunning wedding dress we had time for some bridal portraits, both on digital and analogue 35mm film.

Meanwhile, Chris and his groomsmen gathered in the library. Surrounded by books and antique furnishings, Chris prepared for the day ahead and nerves started to rise as the ceremony approached. The library provided a perfect backdrop for the groom and his the groomsmen to put on their black-tie attire. The atmosphere in the library was one of camaraderie and quiet excitement, setting the tone for the celebrations to follow.

Saying “I do” and confetti celebrations.

Grace and Chris’s wedding at Iscoyd Park had a short but emotional wedding ceremony and they were soon walking down the aisle as husband and wife. Stepping out into the sunshine, they greeted by a shower of confetti from their guests which was one of the highlights of the day. Guests then gathered on the rear tearrace & lawn for champagne and croquet, enjoying the picturesque setting of Iscoyd Park’s gardens.

The Marquee Reception

The reception and wedding breakfast had a nice relaxed vibe which was aided by long tables in place of traditional separate table. Elegantly decorated with delicate florals, the marquee was the perfect backdrop for the dinner and wedding speeches. The speeches were filled with heartfelt words and laughter, capturing the emotions of the day.

Golden light portraits

After dinner we took an evening stroll in the Iscoyd Park grounds. It was so nice to just to allow Grace & Chris time to spend together and take some photos from afar. Some of my favourite ever photos were taken during this time.

The funniest Champagne Pop Wedding Photos

As the evening unfolded, Grace made a stunning transformation by changing into a glamorous Nadine Merabi evening wedding dress. The dress was perfect for the lively nighttime festivities. One of the most memorable moments I’ve ever captured was when the couple celebrated by spraying champagne. Chris, in a playful mood, exuberantly sprayed the champagne all over Grace. Instead of being upset, Grace found it absolutely hilarious and took it in stride, her laughter highlighting the joyous and laid-back atmosphere of the entire day. This moment perfectly encapsulated the fun-loving spirit of their wedding and the couple’s ability to enjoy every moment, no matter how unexpected?

Evening Festivities

The evening continued in the Garden Room with dancing and cocktails. The dance floor was packed to the very end of the night. What a party it really was!

Photography: Digital and Film

Throughout the day, I captured the wedding using both digital and analogue film photography. I absolutely love the combination of these two mediums.

The Beauty of Analogue Film Photography

Analogue film photography brought a timeless quality to the images. The natural grain and subtle tones of film add a timeless layer of depth and emotion that complement the crisp, detailed digital photographs. The film photos provided a nostalgic feel, capturing the essence of the day in a way that only film can.

About the author

Tobiah is a professional Wedding Photographer based in Manchester & Cheshire, England. He has photographed over 375 weddings throughout the UK & Europe.


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