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Sezincote Wedding Photography

We recently had the immense pleasure of photographing the amazing wedding of Lauren & Raj who were married at Sezincote House and Gardens in Gloucestershire. Some of you may recognize them from our pre-wedding shoot post at Formby Beach but for those of you that missed it you can see our favourite photos from that session here.

sezincote wedding photography

This was our first, of hopefully many more, times at Sezincote House. It is an unbelievably cool place. The owner, Camilla, who lives here with her family, welcomed us in the rain as we arrived. We travelled to Sezincote nice and early to explore. With our wellies on and umbrella sheltering us both, we familiarised ourself with the stunning and extensive gardens surrounding the house and chose some areas for our later portraits with our bride and groom. We were spoilt for choice. There are so many places to make Sezincote House wedding photography easy and unique.

photograph of sezincote house

elephants of sezincote house

After kicking off our wet wellington boots, we headed into the beautiful Neo-Mogul style house to find Lauren. She was soon to arrive with her mum, Louise, so we set to work photographing the bridal details which had already been placed in one of the quirky and lavish bedrooms.

Lauren soon arrived bearing gifts! She had made her bridesmaids individual gift boxes containing bright, floral robes, indian jewellery, bindis and little pots of sweet-smelling body butter. Everyone was so touched by the care and thought that had gone into their gifts. Attention to detail and care was certainly a theme running throughout this wedding.

Despite the relentless rain, along with her maids and mum, our bride had a relaxed and easy-going morning preparing for the wedding. Raj’s sister, Iman, didn’t have such a chilled experience! She worked, alongside others, to decorate the marquee on the morning of the wedding and was on hand throughout the day make sure everything was going to plan – she was a total superstar and all-round lovely person who looked after us really well too. Tobiah travelled to meet Raj and his family at a nearby cottage to capture them getting ready together and I stayed with the ladies.

After everyone had been beautified by the excellent Joanna, the dresses were on and it was time to get Lauren into her dress. Lauren wore a simple yet elegant white dress perfectly complimented by a bejewelled belt and veil by Stuart Parvin.

wedding dress hanging at sezincote house

loubitin wedding shoesindian wedding banglesbride getting ready for the weddinggroom outside sezincote housea wedding tuc tuc at sezincote housesezincote house wedding venue

As if on cue, the clouds parted and the sun shone – despite EVERY weather app forecasting rain until 5pm! – as Lauren and her proud dad, Ian, following her bridesmaids crossed the lawn into the Orangery for the wedding ceremony.

The ceremony required a few handkerchiefs to say the least! Their 290 guests were gathered around them as they became man and wife and then filtered through to the end of the Orangery for custom-made gin, rum and virgin cocktails as well as bottled indian soft drinks, Thumbs Up cola and lemonade.

The rain showed his unwelcome face again for one last downpour before the skies cleared completely – hurrah! Lauren & Raj had created some awesome orders of service. They contained, along with the usual itinerary for the day, a guide of some Bhangra dance moves and a little packet of multi-coloured confetti. Armed with this confetti the guests lined up outside the Orangery doors and showered the couple as they walked out into the gardens to enjoy the sunshine.

i do wedding signglass house at sezincote ceremony setupthe bride and her father walking down the aislesezincote wedding photographythe bride and groom exchanging wedding ringssezincote venue photosezincote wedding photographyconfetti thrown at the bride and groom at sezincotesezincote wedding photography confetti thrown at the bride and groom at sezincote

After the couple had spent time mingling with their guests and sipping on cocktails, it was time for their portraits. We headed straight to the spots we had chosen earlier. This is always a great thing to do if you are in an unfamiliar venue. Time is precious. There are hundreds of guests to speak to and only so many hours in the day so ANYTHING we can do to make the day run smoothly and get maximum photos in minimal time; without making the experience feel rushed or frantic, is a must. Despite packing our wellingtons, the Temple Fountain water was just a little high so Tobiah being Tobiah; doing anything to get the best possible shots, rolled up his trousers and waded on in! It was pretty cold! But the results were worth it. We walked to a couple more areas for photographs, along with legend videographer, Joe Simon, and then headed back to take some family shots before going into the fabulous marquee for food, speeches and dancing.

sezincote wedding photographysezincote wedding picsbride and groom kissing in a tuc tuc at an indian wedidng sezincotesezincote wedding photographysezincote wedding photos of bride and groom next to indian templean intimate bride and groom wedding portrait 35mmsezincote wedding photographysezincote wedding photography of the groomsmen

The marquee was brightly decorated with mixed floral centrepieces and vibrant napkins and favours.  Their spicy theme for the favours meant chilli everything!  Chilli jam, chocolates and vodka were placed on the tables.sezincote wedding photography marquee venue shotsa victoria sponge wedding cake

After a quick outfit change from Lauren, it was time to get the Bhangra underway!banghra wedding dancing photos

We hope you enjoyed browsing through some of our favourite Sezincote House wedding photography.  If you are thinking of getting married at Sezincote House and Gardens please contact us for your Sezincote wedding photography by clicking the contact button at the top of this page.

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