When Tobiah and I got engaged and were planning our wedding day, we first met. Louise owns a cupcake company, Jellytots and Dollymixtures, and her shop isn’t far from where Tobiah’s parents live in Sale, Manchester. We had often popped in for a tasty treat on our way passed. We had our favourite cupcake flavours (Red Velvet and Blueberry) as our wedding cake and favours at our wedding!

4 and a bit years later and it was Louise’s big day and we met her that morning, along with her lovely mum, Julie, bridesmaids and two adorable little kiddies!

As the ladies were all getting ready together, The Trafford Room was being transformed for the reception dinner. This was done by the über talented Adi Thomas and team at Verdure Flower Design (keep scrolling and you’ll see what we mean!)

There was no ceremony today as Louise and James had already married in style at Disneyland in Florida! Although Donald and Daisy Duck weren’t in attendance this time, our couple had planned this wonderful day at the Midland Hotel in Manchester city centre. This meant all of their family and friends could join them in celebrating them becoming Mr & Mrs!

Tobiah had been to catch up with the guys smartening themselves up whilst Laura stayed with the ladies. The bridesmaid looked beautiful in their navy floor length gowns, only outshone by Louise.

We headed outside for some portraits of the bridal party in sunny Manchester outside the Midland Hotel. We also used the stunning architecture of Manchester Town Hall and Manchester Library. We stayed out with Louise and James for a little longer before they were seated for dinner.

As mentioned earlier, this is where we saw the talents of Verdure Flower Design. The Trafford Room looked absolutely magical. The corner of the room was filled with the most amazing candy station! An Alice in Wonderland themed masterpiece with homemade marshamallows, Rocky Road bites, heart-shaped shortbreads…the list goes on. All meticulously placed and served by the charming Paul of Candy Counters.

Now, our bride couldn’t have her own cake business and not have one heck of a cake! Louise had given free reign, only with the brief of “winter wonderland”, to cake royalty, Choccywoccydoodah. This was simply the most amazing cake we’ve ever seen.

After dinner, speeches and dancing it was time for us to say our goodbyes.

See you in Jellytots very soon!

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